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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

sir fazle abed - why isnt c for mooc - COLLABORATION

as we all should know innovation of poorest girls edu for jobs is the core of all sustainability goals solutions networks- its especially so in every partnership china makes to ensure the partnership peacebuilds and doesnt fall apart in another commercial war leaving kids the victims at every border

mostofa everyone we interview at brac we need to remind of this quote of sir fazle in 2013 -additionally mostofa you and may need to talk - we need her to say what roving intern title she needs from sir fazle abed to connect everything that could be connected

that must be written in a letter i take to his office whether he is there or not- so please schedule an appointment with his pa; if you have a similar letter of what you need get started working on that; if you think that same letter needs to go shameran too - fine but i must see something is put in sir fazle's in tray- there's no point me going round the world saying whomever a particular person sees as most helping youth to be the sustainability generation they should also be contacting alumni of sir fazle unless we have sorted this out

i get it using knowledge requires both competition and collaboration

but the nearer you get to the worlds greatest crises - abuse of brils, refugees, abuse of climate we need to know who will collaborate on what

we know brac became biggest ngo by becoming the most collaborative- mostofa please make notes at BRAC: Creating opportunities for people to realise potential on every proof of this we can explain to others

we kmow that there are parts of jack ma that are more collaborative than any other billionnaite tech person and that is supposed to go into overdrive from tokyo olympics on
alibabauni.com why BAT is not FAG

and even if nobody else in usa knows - guterres and we know that one side of jinping is to collect info on who wants to collaborate on what - right at this moment macron is making how do we collaborate on climate; - there have been direct conversations between guterres and jinping on what to collaborate on - these thread through many summits until they lead the review agian in being may 2019 belt road 2nd global2.0 ssummi -in fact all the 6 plus one have had direct conversations with jinping on which sustainability goals need collaboration

if there isnt a network among educators at least for the youngest children who are not collaboirative then educators can go to hell as far as i am concerned - so we will find out which parts of education comision and wise are collaborative and get them to the general assembly at the un in september

i  have an interview at top of rockefeller foundation tomorrow so need to prepare for that - i will add some more spocific people to get interview requests during my brac visot nearer the weeknd but please think about the following leads to arrange meetings with in dghaka

1 ed said he can check out from the folk who work with khan what lastest state of khan academy is in bangaldesh

2 mostofa please get back in touch with tahsinah ahmed - i am realy cinfused when i met her she was talking about leading the next half million jobs training process in brac and she was presenting on that to the same top of brookings education in dc which onwns the education commission because it turns out justin was student of this person- but then tahsinah seems to say her job in brac has finished - can we talk to her 1 what is she doing nwow 2 can she help you map the brac organisgram 3 can she help you map the brooking education commission organigram

we need to get back to british aid /dfid or whatever it dfid/british council calls istelf- as sir fazle said it was far the largest all time investor in brac- why is britian getting left out of every development discussion because of europe just when all the knowledge needed passes somewhere through dfid and in the case of asian infrastructure investment bank on british lord and one british knight both of whom can pick up the phone to any of the eminent people advising guterres at the UN

there was also one wise report that was entirely written by brac (uganaa) -please try and see who we can interview - 1) can they tell us about africa - maybe help connect some of ed's question if he has any 2 can they tell us are they part of conneting eithe r the wise afric summit or the wise un summit
Transition and Dropout in Lower Income Countries: Case studies of secondary education in Bangladesh and Uganda

2017 WISE Research #03

Transition and Dropout in Lower Income Countries: Case studies of secondary education in Bangladesh and Uganda
The purpose of this study was to explore secondary education transition failure and dropout in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on access to quality education. Two case studies were conducted for Uganda and Bangladesh using representative sample surveys and qualitative exploration. Country specific socioeconomic context and education system initiatives were considered in explaining the findings. Influencing factors included poverty, parental education, early marriage, social insecurity, scarcity of youth employment, as well as low quality education. The report provides recommendations for system improvements.
Download the full report in EnglishDownload the executive summary in English

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