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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy 2018 Entrepreneurial Revolution Year 50 - our family's and friends (Japan, China. Bangladesh, Saint James. Scotland - you tell us) search collaboratively led by Norman Macrae for economists and edu-technoilogists

Norman's highest recognition was in Japan. From 1960 olympjcs on, Norman and Prince Charles cheered on Japan as the first risi ng post-colonial economy- its quality system inventions from bullet train to microelectronics accelerated the race to the moon and hopefully to sustainability on earth; by 1970 Japan had risen to 2nd largest economy and the expatriate chinese superports model had mae them the 3rd wealthiest financial network - would the Chinese mainland join in?

But first some more conflict resolving contexts: although the japanese had been norman's teenage enemy in world war 2 (myanmar/bangladesh), as a scottish alumni of Jmaes Wilson who had died before his time on queen victoria's 1860 mission of sorting out the right old muddle the Raj had become. Noram was delighted to see the start of asia pacific china india rising after world war 2 - here singapore dean updates the logic of why sustainability of 21st C will require growth of peoples- and india and china with a third of all the peoples will need to help lead all worldwide youth to achieving sustainability gaposl on time and all parents to invest in such an exciting new world. When Norman died the most active remembrance party was staged by the Jpoana Ambassador to Bangladesh and celebrated Sir Fazle Abed as girls greatest jobs creator and open educator extrordinaire

Norman was asked to write one of prince charles speeches for a your of japan, and was awarded the cbe but otherwise he did not wish for individual celebration preferring saint james networks to have colegiate impacts in designing economies to end poverty and celebarte youth livelihoods thriving out of every community

By 1977 Norman's biggest joy was to see that over 1 billion chinese were coming out from behind te great wall caused originally by the british forcing opium trade on china. To date two young chiense graduates have done most to celebrate the connections between china and bangaldesh girl empowerment while ftiends of nor norman keep searching on how to map back jack ma's communities ofr all expo at 2020 tokyo olympics

In 2018 Norman would urgently cheer on every big data small collaboration tech partnership between china and india  (good luck  in June: President Modi and XI Jinping, Lord Nicholas and Sir Danny)- his wife was the daughter of the Scottish social lawyer who spent 25 yeras mediating Gandhi and the British Raj out of Mumbai- sir kenneth's last job was to write up the legalese of independence across the subcontinet of India

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