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Sunday, December 24, 2017

What sort of map of human interest might emerge if you could triangularise two other leadership circles thus:-
3  people whose life has been surrounded by village and desert girls  now desperately seeking worldwide  sustainable youth and their teachers to collaborate communally and experiment with joyful livelihoods.
2 The technologists of what can we do mobilizing 1000 times more connectivity in 2016 than 1946
1 A club of 100 global2.0 leaders mapping what if the world biggest investment funds such as partners of new development banking and 21st C world trade routes for all need something completely different in terms of academic impacts. 

That is  if grounding orbits around the sustainability goals is to be today's education reality for the generation under 30 who will need to be in corporate responsibility’s prime time of the investment world of 2030. What if for any globalization problem community mashed up with tech platforms and curious youth apps is the local startup solution.

While we dare imagine; here’s the next invitation exercise of group 3 (eg sheikha moza, antonio guterres, sir fazle abed)  : how, where, when can our wise learning summits interact with technology summits like jack Ma’s or the chinese BAT (Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent)  or the american GAF (Google-Amazon-Facebook) and the 100 most trusted designers of new development banking (eg those mapping belt roads around Xi Jinping). How can we humanize ai in the classroom? How can big data small platform purposes of those 21st C markets that all the world's sustainability youth will be made or broken around.

Help us with economistdiary.com so that every region of the world allows its teachers and youth to know this exercise may be crazy but its not stupid if sustainability is to be their generation’s game linking in every community on earth where children are born and not just space games of the decade that race to the moon but also let john lennon’s and yoko ono’s generation imagine

========================= for those who want desert too:
here is a draft of singapore dean's view of where we are - wise 10000 networkers are linked primarily by 2 people sheikha moza, and stavros s who worked 10 years with this dean M before he was headhunted y qatar

 Stavros S
Mahbubani M – next book: has west lost IT?
Previous Books - Can Asians think ?   Beyond age of innocence; new asian hemisphere; the great convergence
S: you and I have known each other for a decade I used to work at LeeKuanYew school for public policy – we have had several discussions about theme you are best known for :re-emergence of asia as cultural and geopolitical force in world particularly china and India
  please tell us: Your ideas on impact of this on education? Quick summary of your thesis:
M: We are entering completely new era of world history – end of western domination of world history (nb that’s not the end of the west - in fact the world needs very strong western civilization)
And return of asia (I call it return not the rise) BECAUSE from year 1 to 1820 the two largest economies in world were always India and china –the last 200 years Europe and north america took off – in that sense the last 200 years have been  a major aberration compared with 2 millennia
Whats amazing is how fast this change is happening now!
IF you want to understand the turbulence of the world today like the gales of  trump and or the immovable object of brexit  ...its all
due to failure of western leaders to prepare their populations for tsi completely different era which is changing the lives of everyone around the planet
S you say failure of leaders – is that a failure reflected in education systems
M yes partially but it is firstly to do with a blindness in west which is why my next book is: has the west lost IT?
I make the case when facing fundamental changes to structure ui the world, the west need to readjust and adapt
For example, reported in my new book if you ask americans what event happened in 2001 with the most consequence for the human race – they say of course 9/11 where I would make the case that it was china joined the wto – when you introduce a billion workers into global capitalism system what will happen

this was what created a whole new dynamic where a lot of western workers lost their manufacturing jobs which is what eventually led to Donald Trump because elites in Europe and america didn’t tell their populations - they treated the consequences of china entering WTO as a top secret

The compound reality was bound to be that the entry of china into wto would be massive changes in the world economy - the innovation chalenge could have been how to make those joyous for everyone
S: if we bring our dialogue back to education we can see the return of Asia has had an impact:
-         eg the numbers of chinese, Indian and f other Asians entering higher education and dominating disciplines like engineering --what impact is that having?
M very profound – in fact I say all asia   countries should be sending thank you notes to the west's engineers
- fundamental reason of success in asia today is we are  finally implementing 7 western pillars of wisdom one of which one is what western education used to celebrate–  that idea of western education has liberated many asian societies eg through asians studying in western universities – amazing several hundred thousand asian students go each year to study in leading universities in America –
S: this is a gift but it could be a 2-way one when many of those students are staying in US
M I agree I would say all the anglo saxon countieis have benefited from asian studying at their universities but there is also now a political backlash eg since trump  h1vi visa increasingly refused – which is a great pity
Because what america needs to do now is deal with a far more dynamic stronger chinese economy – the chinese are very lucky with 1.4 billion people = remarkable talent pool which china can now cream off ( In past americans creamed) – but this is all another illustration of western leaders failing to prepare their population –for the new world that is coming and to tell them we in usa can succeed if we harvest the best minds from around the world here but that requires a high level of public understanding that hasn’t happened yet in usa
S-         how could that have been operated

M the simplest way:  to prepare America people is to tell them – eg irreversible fact that china will once again have the worlds largest economy - .. the reality is America will come number 2 economy in the world – but as I wrote in book the great convergence all the americans I interviewed said we’ll continue with usa as number 1 – .gov cant say this publicly because its political suicide to say that in America- this shows there is something politically wrong in the culture of the usa and its media; it’s a result of the fact that the west has had dominance for 2 centuries that they cant conceive of a world in which the largest economies in the world wil l no longer ne western – even today 3 of top 4 are asian china, India japan (discounting eu as not a single economy)
S when we look at history its very European centric – feel world could have benefited from a more global understanding of history?
M You are absolutely right –one of most important areas of education is history – eg when I grew up in singapore – I learnt of history of English steel mils not of china and neighbors around us – we need to understand china , India asia in our own terms which frankly most western universities haven't started to study…
To give a simple example : if you read anglo saxon media and try to follow what happening in china – average westerner assumes nothing has change because a “communist” party is in power-  its true that as recently as 1980 chinese people couldnt choose where to live what to wear, 

today the same party is in power but personal choice is now everywhere – ( a  big market opportunity)
So stereotypes western media use to describe chinese people are maddeningly outdated – chinese now have a lot of personal freedoms which they are relishing, as a result the condition of the chinese people today is the best that has ever been in chinese history, and the future is opening every young chinese imagination (eg over 10000 startups weekly today, versus zero non-stated companies in 1975!)
And many in west are not aware of any of this creativity because the western media doesn’t explain that
S: Lets focus again on edu in china and India – long tradition but hierarchical/elitist?
How do you see changes to that?
M you are right that traditionally hierarchical and in india difficult to break down class system--- BUT here china is different since the cukltural revolution broke down the class system – so now the chinese communist party is building a meritocracy – India hasn’t caught up in rhat but even in India the untouchable class have started to have access to education and become university and banking leaders
IIT graduates in india are one of most amazing alumni groups in the world
You see their influence eg in california
In next book has west lost it? – examples of how poverty down from 60% to 10%- world middle class population is exploding – by 2030 more than half of the world population will be enjoying middle class standards

 2018 best or worst of times 
 so why not celebrating
M because doom and gloom of west – we need to persuade west the world is going to get better and better

S has west lost meritocracy because of narrow sense of standard examinations
- such exams in west are determined quite largely by family’s wealth – so has there been erosion of edu meritocracy in west?
M we meed to distinguish whats happening in ameerica where that has a lot of truth – especially as America deprives preschool – to be fair Nordica doing very good job in preschool – actually its model singapore is learning from’
in past in usa strength anyone could make it – now america has new class barriers due to wealth and making good education costly
s – let look at singapore where you are from –
M when singapore turned 50 in 2015 I wrote the huff post article – not since history had began has anty society liftes its people as fast as Singapore
So singapore remarkable case worth studying
3 point formula – MPH  m meritocracy p pragmatism h hoinesty
implement mph in societies to be successful
 mhp formula permeates through singapore education system – it imparts civic value explicitly – whereas other nations edu systems seem to shy away from value systems  (honesty otlerance multiculturalism)
Many aspects of singapore's story are miraculous

In middle of 20th C, Britain left behind string of multicultural colonies
The only one that hasn’t suffered multiethnic strife is singapore – result of continuous intervention by government 
for environment where everyone interacted communally – eg housing blocks ensures representaion of all the races
Without such intervention would have had ethnic separation as happens elsewhere
S – any final views or news on your next book and how wise alumni and friends can learn from you?

M I am linked in typical ways 
– my key point lot of pessimism in world – I want to market optimism –

 thats why I can up with has west lost it it – main thesis west can do as well a  rest but needs to relearn the value of its own 7 pillars- so eg china now celebrates pillar of free trade (why has west lost it) - the world is being turned upside down the more usa loses this pilar
Educate west population you need to make structural readjustment but you can do very well from that – huge middle class growth in asia will be an opportunity to trade but to do that west needs to change and look at world holistically and see the new opportunities- west needs youth to rediscover its confidence

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