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2017's best news: gateway17, AIIB & WISE's 6 worldwide education laureate (origin sir fazle abed and sheikha mosa) goes to all free university movements across africa...
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Monday, December 25, 2017

happy xmas to 3 billion under 30s- sustainability gen's fav xmas story

 guterres personally thanked jinping last may after belt road summit for hosting action solution events that i guterres at the uin in new york can only action

so when guterres is inviting an action learning event in september at the un with wise and sir fazle - do you not see that the presentaion is china and its neigbors the most exciting youth end poverty network ever seen the only thing amy's job as storyteler ever needs to chat about to anyone until it is

we are trying to ensure the 100 most trusted people keep on meeting each pother at 3 types of summits:
wise at ghana free university at Un refugee learning at paris climate and olympics - all 3 wise summits are scheduled
there are 3 new development banking summits for jinping to meet modi - they are in mumbai , qingdao and johannesburg this summer - i know the person who audits these projects and the 2 brits who organise these summits

and god help us all of these people must turn up beijing may 2019 the sceoin belt road summit

go back to getting sir fazle in the middle of the top 100

this has the extra bonus that the story that gets sir fazle in the middle of the 100 is the same that will convince modi to be in the middle which is the biggest way a patriotic chinese girl can help her countrys leader now- thats because the end poverty solutions india most needs are more similar to bangaldesh than to china's solutions

if you have a better way of starting the same story (whomever any of us next presents to) tell me but if you understand the purpose then i sincerely hope you want this purpose and will let me get on with next steps while you two help each other

thanks you chris
its a very simple game of snap except you need to have spent a very long time searching who can help who at this top 100 leaders level, and the people we mix in with top 100 need to be in good order and not because any of them are cronies but because we believe youth needs to trust them to be their teachers and funders and jobs creatorfs

From: christopher macrae
To: Alizee  
Sent: Saturday, 6 January 2018, 18:16
Subject: presentation are china and its 13 neighbors the greatest end poverty collaboration ever seen

amy please will you translate this into chinese - improving if you see ways to do so

on next visit to dhaka
i wanted to show bangladesh that we are making a start
in fact publishing world record job creators cannot be done independently of this context  in an efficient way

i am enclosing some maps they dont need to be translated but it occurs to me I sont want to
talk to people in future unless they are prepared to look at maps linking china-
its just too much work trying to guess what someone doesnt know unless they are prepared
to check out the maps

reasons for thinking so (tick those that interest you, send us others if you wish to linkin)

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has been publishing ideas on ending poverty since 1988- see his book Out of Poverty

 he's declared end poverty in china as his main 3 year mission
look at maps of china some attached (china's big countryside is where most poverty is) - landlocked peoples need trading corridors to ports- most need hi-trust neighbor partnerships - over  65 national leaders have shared corresponding neighbor analyses with jinping as part of a movement called new development banking

the world's greatest girls end poverty nation bangladesh (eg brac since 1972) has a strategic location
south of china of big interest to key neighbors India and Myanmar -these 4 countries can gain a lot from sharing solution

in fact nrac and china were original partners in rice science to end famine
 many of the world last mile health solutions come from brac even if they are now mainly shared with china through world banks jim kim

also both china and bangladesh were among first to apply new tech to poor:mobiles from 1996 in bangladesh- some of the same microsolar knowledge in 1996

when it comes to big data small apps china is a world leader - but brac has the biggest cashless banking system; and india's universal identity is arguably the greatest data for "direct" digital models

bangladesh is one of several nations in region that will lose most from climate causing population relocations - pretty much  the whole region has to race to green; in fact half the world's population live on 10% of land with 3000 mile epicentre at beijing

when it comes to education for livelihoods ending poverty, the world's education laureates wise recognised brac's sir fazle abed as number 1

now that wise has 7 education laureates its been asked by guterres to host a learning summit on all the subjects most urgent to refugees and sustainbility goals

 after qatar's circle of first ladies concerned with refugees, and bangladesh, chinese educators supply the most innovative edu-scaling solutions to wise as can be seen from conference delegates bios

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