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Thursday, October 5, 2017

is it possible to apply east's great success to all developing countries

If you list nations who have beceome economic leaders since 1946, countries such as china, jaoan, and south korea stand out - as do some much smaller natiins (often superports like singapore)

The curious question is : have decvelopment economists in western devloped nations used tehse sucess models to adpat their aid and foreign assistnac programs; and anyhow now in 2017 that china is forming a club of developing nations to surf the wave of extreme innovation - technology, green , new social infrastructures - how do we collabirative share the new ideas wherever they could determine whether we humans win or lose the race for systainability.

Here are some of the network structures that are worth connecting with to understand tyhe new colaboiration approach - global 2.0, which china has become the win-win trading epicentre of

some g20

belt road summit - some specific investment funds under china's control- various partnershio deveklopment banks and summits such as brics and aiib

about 60 countries have started one or more investmnents with china which are influenced by belt road mapping which xi jinping launched in 2013 - for more on overall integration of xi jinpoing's 10 yera rejuvenation plan see Why not billion peoples rejuvenation dream be collab network of all developing nations
hundreds of bri projects at icbc

brics meeting and ther new development bank  - its possible convergence with the sco and expansion to brics plus out of each hemisphere

aiib meetings and its bank

gateway17 and other massive ecommerce training and celebration formats

debate on whether the olympics can be massive redesuigned to regenerate communities for all

various tech networks who seeem to be in race berween:
big data small versus big data big
and humnaise job creatioin (not destruuctioin) around artificial intelligence

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


the fist annual summit of 20 nations happened after the 2008  meltdown of banking which te big g7 nations had presided over; it cpould there claim legitimately te desire to explore economicvs  models that might be more people-centric than those that had interested the 7 biggest develoed nations

some g20s have not really advanced anything radically new than their yera's g7 - either because one global agenda was dominating tge year, or because the host was one of te g7 countrues

however other g20 have been gamechnaging especially china's hosting out of hanngzhou in 2016 www.worldcitizen.tv - this was the firts g20 to be hosted after the un's laumch of 17 susstainability development gpoals, and china used much of the homework year prior to the summit to maximise assocaite debates (women 20 small enetreprise 20 youth 20 green 20) its forward looking solutions and collaborations

it is to be hoped that the 2018 frabciscan argentina g20 could be groundbreaking too- franciscan models have proved to be the deepenst poverty and girl empowerment models since the 1960s when models of profesisonal living an dlearning with the poorest were developed; argentina is the homeland of pope francis; this is the one world changing summit hosted by te americas in this critical year of trum deciding policies