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Saturday, May 21, 2016

20 years ago kamal's brother Iqbal Quadir at MIT (and now mainly sponsored by dubai investment bank legatum) came up with idea that became grameen phone- it was he who brought  george soros,  telenor and himself to muhammad yunus- so start of all leapfrog coders networks began with iqbal

once he saw nick hughes (then at vodaphone) code mpesa in kenya, iqbal invited nick to found a club of supercoders with him

meanwhile kamal has been mainly based in bangladesh - he first attempted to build something similar to jack ma's ali baba- called cell bazaar the online infrastructure didnt quickly empower women to build something as nationally scaleable as ali baba so cell bazaar was sold to gramen phone

and 5 years ago sir fazle abed formed the investment grouop around kamal to build the biggest cashless bank
-these stories were shared 2012 at norman macrae remembrance parties at japan embass in dhaka - first roundtable briefed by sir fazle; second by kamal

the quadirs are quite modest (but like amy extremely self-determined) but now hate yunus and so me because they assume i side with yunus- two weeks after fathers death adam smith scholars , yunus and i launched jounal of sovcial business out of Glasgow Univeriry- co-editing this journal led me to understand it was the quadirs and sur fazle abed not yunus that had mostly developed bangladesh's digital economy to end poverty; hence glasgows future credibility in economics depends on celebrating sir fazle abed nov 2016 - fortunaltely glasgiw uni is sir fazle's alma mater- and that of the UN's envoy for education former uk Prime Minister Gordon Brown

I believe it is possible to unite all the best coders of mit or anywhere if trust can be built between you- i understand the above story sounds crazy : how could it be that no big university so snone the millions of brightest academics and students are free to know about it?

- but in effect the quadir family know everything that has been invested (good bad and ugly philanthropists and gov programs) in the market they invented - village phones to empower poorest to end poverty

of course if things go well. china's young people like amy  and global youth networks like thise led by Mostofa   would love to be able to interview some of these wonderful coders or help connect massive youth networks in actioning the greatest jobs solutions that wizard apps makers come up with

thanks chris