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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear Joywo Leadership Team

My biggest privilegie of 2015 was meeting you
Erastmus http://www.startupafrica.com/ based in Delaware has united African diaspora, some local Kenyan female educators, and the Dean of the Civil Rights College Medgar Evers part of the New York Public university system charged in 2016 with exploring ideas on how New York can develop hi-trust youth exchanges around the world to host a summit startup womens Kenya in Nairobi January 28.  In this regard startup Kenya will be seen by startup New York as the pioneer of several parallel student exchanges linked to sustainability goals, mobile tech wizards, replicable community building solutions and open spacing youth's joy of mutual understanding across civilisations including China and Africa, New York and Rome.

He can tell you more about the projects his partnership quest seeks to sustain locally as well as the continued movement from the US which he is aiming to energise

I mentioned to him Joyful Women Organization | JoyWo | Empowering women through information and aspects of women empowerment that I observed Rachel Ruto loved to energise

Many thanks and joyful 2016
Chris Macrae Washington DC

filenotes how kenya became mobile banking and family empowerment most exciting development space

1999 retiring from unhabitat ingrid munro builds the world favorite bank for slum youth- at ist peak queen sofia asked for 60 southern coutnries to try to emulate it; the late great wangaari maathai gets a nobel prize; nairobi is first african capital to host world social forum - reiulations that ingrid fought for empowered the emergence of cashless banking mpesa and the open source youths world's most exciting hub IHUB sustained by africa's leading open source software ushahidi- table banking becomes the fastest growing womens jobs-banking movement, bridge schools becomes world famous and starts a partnership with khan academy - and please tell us what else chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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