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Monday, December 1, 2014

21 social action networks for C21 if I could MOOCyunus

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  • Yunus Pre-digital end poverty's greatest ever womens jobs networking
  • 1 Yunus2.1 gets tricky as need to interview his partners too- his nobel speech 2006 and bbok and this dvd privided his own 10 year reviews
  • 2 Womens leapfrog Women4Empowerment (W4E -NC has seen most over 20 years
  • 3 Soros was first invstor in mobile W4E
  • 4 Quadir family at MIT first wizard tech designers especially all subsequent forms of cashless  (next billion) financial services
  • 5 Telenor -first physical infrastructure
  • 6 Kenya friends W4E main african and slums implementer of banking to end poverty
20 year view of CLEAN ENERGY for billion
  • 7 Neville Williams first knowledge partner
  • 8 Nancy Wimmer most faithful biographer
  • 9 Schneider potentially main energy partner and chinese connector
  • 10 Royal credentials - Asdhen
Exponentially Sustainable hemisphere partners
  • 11 Maria Nowak  (Europe W,E; Africa N) Economic livelihood development
  • 12 Danone Franck Riboud and Emmanuel Faber Nutrition worldwide
  • 13 Action Tank Danone with Europe's Poverty leader Martin Hirsch
Youth Media Partners &...
  • 14 TheGreenChildren worldwide and eyecare
  • 15 Monica Yunus - Mainly Americas
  • 16 Big data turned mobile partnering smalless - Intel mainly agriculture
  • 17 Tech students Kyushu Uni Japan with Gramweb
  • 18 Public finding social business - Danone, Credit Agricole
  • 19 Ending stupid political economics - Stiglitz in addition to Soros
  • 20 Nursing Barbara Parfitt
  • 21 Celebrating twinning of top 30 capitals: Turner family (Atlanta as lead Yunus Jobs Olympics) with Nobel partners....

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