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Thanks Dbanj and WBGtedx. EconomistAfrica also recommends celebrating Rwanda's partners in health systems; ethiopia's continental elearing satellite; kenya's open source mobile youth; south africa's mandela extranet; soros and brac's quiet west celebrations of sustainable west africa - you tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk partners in publishing world record book of job creation -special thnaks to journalists fior humanity at africanifol.tv and Economistchina.net

Thursday, October 5, 2017

is it possible to apply east's great success to all developing countries

If you list nations who have beceome economic leaders since 1946, countries such as china, jaoan, and south korea stand out - as do some much smaller natiins (often superports like singapore)

The curious question is : have decvelopment economists in western devloped nations used tehse sucess models to adpat their aid and foreign assistnac programs; and anyhow now in 2017 that china is forming a club of developing nations to surf the wave of extreme innovation - technology, green , new social infrastructures - how do we collabirative share the new ideas wherever they could determine whether we humans win or lose the race for systainability.

Here are some of the network structures that are worth connecting with to understand tyhe new colaboiration approach - global 2.0, which china has become the win-win trading epicentre of

some g20

belt road summit - some specific investment funds under china's control- various partnershio deveklopment banks and summits such as brics and aiib

about 60 countries have started one or more investmnents with china which are influenced by belt road mapping which xi jinping launched in 2013 - for more on overall integration of xi jinpoing's 10 yera rejuvenation plan see Why not billion peoples rejuvenation dream be collab network of all developing nations
hundreds of bri projects at icbc

brics meeting and ther new development bank  - its possible convergence with the sco and expansion to brics plus out of each hemisphere

aiib meetings and its bank

gateway17 and other massive ecommerce training and celebration formats

debate on whether the olympics can be massive redesuigned to regenerate communities for all

various tech networks who seeem to be in race berween:
big data small versus big data big
and humnaise job creatioin (not destruuctioin) around artificial intelligence

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


the fist annual summit of 20 nations happened after the 2008  meltdown of banking which te big g7 nations had presided over; it cpould there claim legitimately te desire to explore economicvs  models that might be more people-centric than those that had interested the 7 biggest develoed nations

some g20s have not really advanced anything radically new than their yera's g7 - either because one global agenda was dominating tge year, or because the host was one of te g7 countrues

however other g20 have been gamechnaging especially china's hosting out of hanngzhou in 2016 www.worldcitizen.tv - this was the firts g20 to be hosted after the un's laumch of 17 susstainability development gpoals, and china used much of the homework year prior to the summit to maximise assocaite debates (women 20 small enetreprise 20 youth 20 green 20) its forward looking solutions and collaborations

it is to be hoped that the 2018 frabciscan argentina g20 could be groundbreaking too- franciscan models have proved to be the deepenst poverty and girl empowerment models since the 1960s when models of profesisonal living an dlearning with the poorest were developed; argentina is the homeland of pope francis; this is the one world changing summit hosted by te americas in this critical year of trum deciding policies

Saturday, May 21, 2016

20 years ago kamal's brother Iqbal Quadir at MIT (and now mainly sponsored by dubai investment bank legatum) came up with idea that became grameen phone- it was he who brought  george soros,  telenor and himself to muhammad yunus- so start of all leapfrog coders networks began with iqbal

once he saw nick hughes (then at vodaphone) code mpesa in kenya, iqbal invited nick to found a club of supercoders with him

meanwhile kamal has been mainly based in bangladesh - he first attempted to build something similar to jack ma's ali baba- called cell bazaar the online infrastructure didnt quickly empower women to build something as nationally scaleable as ali baba so cell bazaar was sold to gramen phone

and 5 years ago sir fazle abed formed the investment grouop around kamal to build the biggest cashless bank
-these stories were shared 2012 at norman macrae remembrance parties at japan embass in dhaka - first roundtable briefed by sir fazle; second by kamal

the quadirs are quite modest (but like amy extremely self-determined) but now hate yunus and so me because they assume i side with yunus- two weeks after fathers death adam smith scholars , yunus and i launched jounal of sovcial business out of Glasgow Univeriry- co-editing this journal led me to understand it was the quadirs and sur fazle abed not yunus that had mostly developed bangladesh's digital economy to end poverty; hence glasgows future credibility in economics depends on celebrating sir fazle abed nov 2016 - fortunaltely glasgiw uni is sir fazle's alma mater- and that of the UN's envoy for education former uk Prime Minister Gordon Brown

I believe it is possible to unite all the best coders of mit or anywhere if trust can be built between you- i understand the above story sounds crazy : how could it be that no big university so snone the millions of brightest academics and students are free to know about it?

- but in effect the quadir family know everything that has been invested (good bad and ugly philanthropists and gov programs) in the market they invented - village phones to empower poorest to end poverty

of course if things go well. china's young people like amy  and global youth networks like thise led by Mostofa   would love to be able to interview some of these wonderful coders or help connect massive youth networks in actioning the greatest jobs solutions that wizard apps makers come up with

thanks chris

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear Joywo Leadership Team

My biggest privilegie of 2015 was meeting you
Erastmus http://www.startupafrica.com/ based in Delaware has united African diaspora, some local Kenyan female educators, and the Dean of the Civil Rights College Medgar Evers part of the New York Public university system charged in 2016 with exploring ideas on how New York can develop hi-trust youth exchanges around the world to host a summit startup womens Kenya in Nairobi January 28.  In this regard startup Kenya will be seen by startup New York as the pioneer of several parallel student exchanges linked to sustainability goals, mobile tech wizards, replicable community building solutions and open spacing youth's joy of mutual understanding across civilisations including China and Africa, New York and Rome.

He can tell you more about the projects his partnership quest seeks to sustain locally as well as the continued movement from the US which he is aiming to energise

I mentioned to him Joyful Women Organization | JoyWo | Empowering women through information and aspects of women empowerment that I observed Rachel Ruto loved to energise

Many thanks and joyful 2016
Chris Macrae Washington DC

filenotes how kenya became mobile banking and family empowerment most exciting development space

1999 retiring from unhabitat ingrid munro builds the world favorite bank for slum youth- at ist peak queen sofia asked for 60 southern coutnries to try to emulate it; the late great wangaari maathai gets a nobel prize; nairobi is first african capital to host world social forum - reiulations that ingrid fought for empowered the emergence of cashless banking mpesa and the open source youths world's most exciting hub IHUB sustained by africa's leading open source software ushahidi- table banking becomes the fastest growing womens jobs-banking movement, bridge schools becomes world famous and starts a partnership with khan academy - and please tell us what else chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday, November 1, 2015

First a question to TB
Taddy what would you need to be keynote speaker at an event out of brooklyn early march 2016? 

Critical diary timelines: ahead of clinton university landing on US other coast in berkeley and Chilicon Valley - the last chance we have of changing hbu colleges balance of  student power versus all the other highly resourced players/alumni in public state systems of higher education across usa- also my last chance next weekend to offer rome's nobel peace laureate summit producers and green club of rome a way back to what yunus and atlanta high society  failed to stage - nov 2015 failing King family curricula just as nov 2014 cape town peace summit failed mandela curriculum

Then a report to all of us
On Friday, two rich members of New York's jewish high society concerned with reality of sustainability goals and changing media met me and  a feisty female dean of a poor black college in Brooklyn (part of the states public system CUNY) thanks to an introduction made by Bernardo and his social lawyer friends in rome and east europe - made timely by the pope's family investment curriculum being shared at the UN and immigrant crises around all EU borders which Italy is one of the last sane voices in every way that Germany/Switzerand/Luxembourg bad bankers are not. Amy (with her friend Song) is our coworker who also interprets passions and leadership purposes of these characters - Dianne D, John K, D-JR- in fact at a college meeting of 4 professors and the dean , amy and song and I it only became apparent the dean was up for something that her professors could not be, when the chinese ladies started explaining their generations crisis was not dissimilar to poor black millennials need for investors microentrepreneurial trust to regenerate communities across usa. 

It was unearthing the deans conflict which made it vital to open space for her among new yorks corridors of the rich last Friday.

Youth Economics is My fathers life work- on how (to prevent) lost local generations as compound consequences of economists hired to design monopoly rules by rich or madly egotistic people- the curriculum for this is the last chapter of Keynes General theory backed in my fathers direct experiences as a teenager of europe's worst places to be born as his father was a british consul in 1930s moscow where dad first met peter drucker and an adriatic port where last jews fleed from hitler. By the 1970s fathers Youth Economics clarified the risk to losing all of the first worldwide generation -  all of open society's and millennials sustainable futures would be won or lost by quality of open system  connections of new technology's networks - and that chinese millennials loss or gain of generation friendship would link all millennials sustainability

Youth Education is the open systems that the web must-needs to afford to end compound risk of lost generations and of wars. It maps integrated design of an economy through open mobilising/multiplying jobs knowhow and degrees of freedom in which people with greatest need and people with greatest power are transparently mediated by all 7 billion of us alive today

Youth Empowerment frankly bothers me as a branded movement . While I understand its pivotal to anna's relationship networks in san diego because of the way things spun around naila- both she and I have suffered the same problem. Much of our last 10 years work with youth recommended yunus then naila as the leader to connect with and both of us have found out to our cost that neither yunus nor naila  are any longer helping students to head to what we most loved about their work. Bernardo has a similar but bigger problem being the first person to develop a yunus curriculum for the south americas and so all latino-linked cultures and sustainability innovations. Actually all Bangladeshi's success was ideologically built on late 1960s system design advocated out of s.america -  professions/educators need to live with the poor to help them develop their communities bottom up and to ensure advances in technology are preferentially applied to rural's historical lack of access and infrastructure. This POP (Preferential Option Poor) mindset is best practised in health by Paul Farmer and is globally empowered today by Pope Francis and Jim Kim. In the 1970s, USA went to war with POP in many central american countries wrongly confusing it with america's blind hatred of communism. To this day congress (partisan lobbied in everything except the amount spent on arms - not just money- over half of congress's discretionary dialogues are on arms races) is the last space in the world prepared to help youth POP or the world enjoy peace dividends

I want to clarify Youth Empowerment isnt a brand my friends can best differentiate our knowhow around in the same way that Youth Economics and Youth Education are. This in spite of work in london after 9/11 when my main mentor founded empowerment illustrated and connected three methods most valued by me: 1 open space; 2 Gandhian whole truth dialogues including eg self-confidence training such as Maharishi 3 valuing intangible and sustainability with opposite metrics that quarterly extraction and externalisation - Colin was then killed in 7/7 even though his day time job had developed an ad campaign for a mobile company on who do you want to mooc one to one with Obituary: Colin Morley - BBC News www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11838135

Friends and I have active connections in at least 13 capitals- new york, DC, boston, san francisco/silicon valley, San diego , nairobi/addis ababa, dhaka, rome/budapest, chile/peru, beijing, tokyo, dubai, lpndon/glasgow-   only in san diego is youth empwerment the lead term tto open innovation doors. We want to linkin all pro-youth capitals . This isnt just personal preference- the only  just-in-timeway we can get investment back in families and next generation is to challenge worldwide media, local education and sustainability investment models and auditing. We have curricula for doing that which we cannot reach if a summit merely assembles empowerment advocates.  

As well as compound system logics maps being the mindset needed to bring down such false models as GDPs that macroeconomists have been hired to monopolise over freedom of vice, amy needs a visa so that her creative interventions can be maximally valued by my open space friends. I cant afford to waste time on any meeting in rest of 2015 that is not also concerned with this short-term goal

LESSON FOR SAN DIEGO NOV 12 FROM NEW YORK OCT 30 and via windsor castle and rome (this week)

all of abve became very clear as a dean explained how broken the education system CUNY that she is in. CUNY has all sorts of false curriculum of entrepreneurship sponsored by big banks-- so a college of black urban poor youth  like D-JR is not expected to challenge the CUNY gurus directly if its staff are to have a job. However she is led by her students chance of jobs and accidentally her college has some playing pieces now. There is something called brooklyn dockyard that her college has been told to turn into youth incubation city. The powerful parts of the CUNY system are just waiting for her to fail so they can take over the site and maybe get rid of her team. This may causedrich new york jews quite a challenge as they are embedded in the powerful parts of the cuny system -and writing conflictng proposals to carnegie foundation every month - but had never actively met a leading educator for jobs in historically black colleges. November was due to have seen atlanta and ted turner family host the mother pf all summits around yunus luther king family, and in memory of mandela with help of rome but as so often over last 7 years it was yunus agents greed or egos that destryed many years of work towards this stage 

Where this goes for pope francis alumni or jim kim alumni as well as mixing the richest in new york with the poorest black students- and whether the futures of chinese millennials can open space around all of this is what i want to spend time of my kind of people on

Also urgent is understanding open space china as no movement can be a better cultural translator for anyone in dc while we have access to harrison owen and amy in the same place and given von neumanns prediction (from father's biography of von neumann)- network partners around youth's sustainability goals will have taken irreversible shape -for better or for worse-  within 90 days of worldwide launch 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This 9 year learning curve that began as my fathers last student research project may be relevant to tonites meeting. As i think you know one way of describing mostofa's 2 year project is a 6000 youth exchange ecosystem - majority in uae but with minimum critical mass anywhere that disadvantaged youth hub sustainability goals or jobs empowerment through pen technologies

3 questions
Q1 What are 4 of biggest missed action learning network opportunities of muhammad yunus relationships with millennial relevance to social hub hackathon

Q2 evidence/reasons why yunus 7 years since sub-prime crisis have lost touch with worldwide millennials

Q3 what is a social hub hackathon?

Tomorrow when Rome comes to DC sees the start of POP of Biggest Change Month (BCM)
jargon PoP - Preferential option Poor - an ideology that emerged in 1960s when people of  latin america (especially out of peru, columbia and brazil and in resistance movements in several countries still ruled by dictators  ) asked what they would like faith recognising that catholicism was not an organic ideology but at that time  was constitutional hangover of the main cultural legacy of colonialism by spain/portugal  -in effect latin americans as people chose the Franciscan way in every dynamic that made it opposite from other segments of catholicism including those that had in then living memories of spin and italy lost their way with fascism

anthropologists find little difficulty in translating POP as congruent to gandhi, king and mandela and open society  movements but in 197-s most joyfully of all the empowerment movement through which the worlds poorest women developed the new nation of bangladesh adapted the education ideology frpm brazil (pedagogy of oppressed) I suspect that chinese civilisation is also rooted in similar values but havent fund the way t verify that yet

Q3 what is a social hub hackathon? Q2 evidence/reasons why yunus 7 years since sub-prime crisis have lost touch with worldwide millennials

A3 Frankly I dont know - what most of my friends' time  regarding hubs hackathons are challenges shared by open technology hubs of which kenya ihub is a benchmark ... so is one in mountain view hub led by chinese women millennials ; students flows across boston act as an engineering or YP practice metahub or ecosystem. eg partners in health (started in 1987 as the alumni network of paul farmer and jim kim) would not think of itself as a hub but as a local to global social movement that achieves alumni goal -(in its case health POP) - that i assume any hi-trust hub network or young professional alumni association values if ending inequality is purpose of public service interfacing any life critical social sector
A2 I suggest observi9ng what went on with sheikh hasina/yunus in bangladesh, or atlanta and yunus, or Brussels and Yunus, or Queen Sofia and Yunus (4 locations journal of social business covered extensively) but dont see how fundraising to  build a new skyscraper of yunus offers a metahub solution that yunus ownership of grameen bank used to celebrate dhaka as epicentre of

Q1 What are 4 of biggest missed action learning network opportunities of muhammad yunus relationships with millennial relevance to social hub hackathon

A1.1 global empowerment  alliance4empowerment.org - see next month's  roadshow launch by naila out of san diego (footnote) - embracing 20 years  of what mobile women empowerment networks have valued partnerships  started 1996 at the grameen phone metahub partnership of yunus, soros, quadir/mit/legatum, naila and telenor

A1.2 bernardo in chile spent over 10 years designing POP curriculum matching the latin american identity now most visibly led by pope francis (friendship with jim kim) AND yunus student ideology of living and learning with the poor, and demanding new technology prioritsed apps with the poorest - he has recently been "laureated" by a leading vatican thintank whose office is about 5 minutes walk from the club of rome known originally or sustainability issues but gorbachev and open society leaders chose to coordinate nobel peace laureate summits with youth

A1.3 Taddy Blecher in south africa as spent nearly 2 decades on partners graduating 15000 underprivileged youth - missing jobs curriculum eg coding by google, entrepreneurship by  branson, empowerment by maharishi have now been translated  of 7th grade level  of teaching and studying- this matters to the national  goal of teenagers being empowered to  create million new jobs in south africa by 2022 because majority of south africans still end school at 7th grade  -whats uniquely interesting is blecher built the free university with mandela but without south african government- now it is the south african government demanding the missing 7th grade curricula - sir fazle abed at brac reports something similar - his great regret is that government never learnt from his 40000 village schools but now junior public servants are sent to special courses put on at brac

A1.4  (the curriculum of The Economist 1843-1993 embracing smith, wilson, keynes -and today among professional economists probably only my father's friend George Soros-  systemic designs to end poverty ) rational optimism economics whose 2 core design rules published 1984 for 21st century to come of age around the greatest advances in the human lot are:
education is the economy
sustainability is an intergenerational investment (quintessial to health, peace and wealth developing each other -empowered by families/communities. Its valuation metrics model exponential impact- sustainability rising or serially crashing. Previously civilisations declined and fell separately- not possible by 2030's completion of 4000 times  more spent on global village connectivity http://rowp.tv/id93.html

Ultimately goodwill flows through human relationship value chains can only be mastered over  2 opposite directions of leadership valuation
trust, joy, faith, courage love whole truth innovation
distrust dejection fear hate inconvenient truth (innovation that favour ever less than 1% but destroys local sustainability of 99% starting with girls born with the least) - this much alumni of the adam smith learning curve begun in 1748 out to have certified as knowable by the human race by now http://bcmrace.com 

footnote A4E

Naila Chowdhury | A4E Co-Founder | Social Credit Empowerment

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What a pity that world service media failed to share the whole truth of these most wondrous human development stories

Japan from 1946
S Korea from 1953

Part 1 Mao ends rural poverty mid 1960s
Part 2 diaspora superports (eg hong kong taiwan and then singapore) raise massive capital
Part 3 diaspora inward investment in metacities across chinese mainland -this also makes china most knowledgeable in what 21st C infrastructure banking needs to sustain

(Middle East Superport model also adopted by Dubai from late 1970s)

Late 1960s S Americas ask what do we communally value about Catholic spirit:
Preferential Option Poor (POP) -misisionaries in community
Preferential Option Poor Education- Paulo Friere
(POP aka liberation theology is a modernisation of franciscan branch of catholicisism started around 1208 in Asisi) Please help search out hybrid spiritual/enlighetnemnt movements:
eg Quakers, Scottish Free Kirk, Gandhian way, Mandela Ubuntu way which takes off from 1999 as Mandela Extranet partners including Maharishi empowerment

Ironically the first sustained successes of South America's 1960s great cultural models of ending poverty became blended exports especially out of Bangladesh

Bangladesh -100 million person nation as rural lab for ending maternal poverty
Part 1 Importing Paulo Friere -pre digital vilage mothers empowerment networks
followed by
 part 2 from 1996 partners in digital women4empowerment leapfrogging missing infrastructures that chained rural
part 2a girls livelihood education extended through 12 countries with BRAC

1980s Haiti-Boston POP Partners in Health service for poorest
Extends to Peru and the Russian Prisons 1990s
Extends to Rwanda late 2000s
Becomes number 1 worldwide app model of millennials from 2012 with kjim kim at world bank multiplied out of Rome in 2013 by Pope Francis

some other amazing graceful successes started with ending orphanages
Kenya's Jamii Bora 1999 also led to Kenya becoming joint greatest digital lab for end poverty with Bangladesh
India's Amma - out of extreme south of india emerges as having similar total range of service impact as BRAC in bangladesh
India's aflatoun grows orpahanges by becoming word's number 1 finacial literacy curriculum at primary schooling level

could a pan african elearning satellite now integrate continent-wide success stories:
proven are Kenyas (digital social credit women and youth), Rwanda's Import to continent of Partners in Heatlh made urgently valuable by community health lessons of ending ebola, south africa's 7th grade missing jobs curricula invented by first 14000 societal graduates of free university , ethiopia bet nation on being africas lowest and cleanest and most neihbourly energy producer (eg at least 3 nation collaboration essential if its damming of Nile is to be sustainable)

if pan african elarning satellite successful how do we structire pan-asia eklearning satellite so that global millennial eladers age 20 t 30 are chief content editors of curriculum of millennial sustainability